Expand Your Mobile Phone’s Storage with Wireless USB stick


If your mobile phone or tablet has limited storage and there’s no option to add an external SD card, in this situation how do you carry all your videos and documents where there’s no sufficient space left on the device? You can use cloud based services like OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive that add storage to your devices but you’ve to be connected to the Internet to access your files.


There is another solution for this problem is using a wireless USB stick from Sandisk that adds storage to your phones and tablets much like a regular USB drive. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is available in various capacities from 16GB to 128GB. If you are running out of storage space on your mobile phone and upgrading is not an option, the Sandisk Connect stick is probably the easiest way to expand your phone’s existing storage.

  1. To get started, you plug the USB device into your laptop or desktop computer and let it charge for about an hour or two.
  2. Once the device is charged, you tap the little power button on the stick to turn it on.
  3. Now install the Sandisk connect app (Android, IOS) on your mobile phone and go to WiFi settings on your mobile phone and connect to the WiFi hotspot created by the USB stick.

Advantage of Sandisk Wireless USB Stick

  1. You can assess content of the USB drive like stream audio, video files, photos, PDF Files and other document.
  2. You can easily transfer files between the phone and the wireless drive.
  3. You have an option to add a USB WiFi password to prevent other nearby devices from connecting the USB stick.
  4. Sandisk Connect USB stick requires no Internet connection.
  5. Set the app to automatically copy photos and videos from your camera roll to the drive when the drive is connected.
  6. 3 devices can connect to the same USB drive over WiFi.
  7. Act as a bridge between the iOS and Android device.
  8. Sandisk connect is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is available in various capacities from 16GB TO 128 GB.

You can buy it from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal

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  1. nice post and its is useful also to manage android mobile phones. easily.

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