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Register domain in Godaddy

If you are new to the world of online business, you want to understand the basic requirements that every website on the internet has to follow, whether it may be company website, online store, blog etc… The basic requirements are simple as this:

Register domain

For a functional website we need Domain Name, Hosting Server and Website file. Here I am talking about the first basic requirements in creating a website;

Register a domain name

Domain name is a unique name or ID for the website, it is like your address of your home. It will make everyone can come straight to a website once you know it’s domain name. When you open up a browser and type in in your browser’s address bar, you’ll be taken to the Facebook website. By this, domain name only you can point out website file.

You can buy a domain name from any domain registrar (companies that manage domain purchases) for about $10 – $15 for 1 year. Godaddy is my favourite domain registrar’s. Their domain purchasing process is quick and painless and they have a great user interface that allows for quick changes to any of your domains, hosting, SSL Certificate, marketing and email tools etc.

There are many Domain registrar’s are their in the market. You can select which ever is suitable for you. All domain registrar’s prices are similar. In this step below I am covering how to register your first domain name with Godaddy. Almost same way is used to buy domain name from others also.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Type in your desired domain name in the domain name search box. You should try to keep the domain as short, easy to readable and always give first preference to .com or .net or go to the country extension. These are common for business and it will make people easier to remember your website.

Register domain in Godaddy

Now a days it is very hard to find a short, memorable .com domain names. So that many domain name types are now available according to their business or website type. Here is some most used domain names types and their priority.  Their is also many more domain types available.

Domain Name Type


.com Best/Ideal for all intends and purposes
.net Second best alternative
.co Third best alternative
.org Best suited for non-profits and churches
.me Good for personal blogs, fancy startups
.info .biz & others Less professional, lack credibility

Click Search Domain or press Enter key.

Step 3

Register domain 02

For this example I am using You will also see more domain names that match for the keyword you searched. If the domain name that you are lokking for has been taken, Godaddy will give some possible alternatives that have not been registered. After find the domain name, click on Select button. You can select multiple domain name.

After you selected the domain name click on Continue to Cart button.

Register domain 04

Then you will see some other products of godaddy. If you want those products you can add it from here. After that click on Continue to Cart button.

Step 4

Register domain 05

If you are first time in Godaddy, you’ll have to create an account. Don’t worry though, this takes less than 60 seconds. If you already have an account, simply give your username or customer id and password then click the Log In button.

Step 5

Register domain 06

After you create or log in into godaddy account click on Checkout Now button on the top right side. Now you will see you products you ordered. Then click on Proceed to Checkout button.

Step 6

Register domain 07

Make sure all your info is correct and check the Terms of Service checkbox before placing your order. Finally, it’s time to pay up. Select your preferred method of payment. After that click on Place Your Order button.

Step 7

Register domain 08

Congratulations! You are now officially the owner of a brand new domain!

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