Create A Website With WordPress

create a website with wordpress

Now a days anyone can create their own website easily without hiring a web developer. To create a website easily we need CMS (Content Management System). Here, I am using WordPress as the CMS, it is because WordPress is most popular Content management system that available for free and you can also add many features with the help of plugins. For working on it, you don’t need any technical knowledge.

From the Graph you can see, most website is built with WordPress platform.

To create your own website please follow this steps given below.


Step 1
Register a Domain Name

A domain name, is like the address of your home. Your domain name is the part of  your brand. You cannot change your domain after you publish the website. So you take your own time to find a best domain name for your website.

Things you have to consider before selecting a Domain Name

  • Try to choose a name that is Short
  • Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains
  • Make it Easy to Type
  • Make it Easy to Remember
  • Reject Hyphens and Numbers

You can see different types of domain name from Godaddy.

Step 2
Signup with a WebHost

The web host is the company that saves your site and provides you with space to create web pages, install any scripts (CMS, Cart, Forums etc.), you will get personalised email addresses, security and so much more. Almost all web hosting company provide same services but some of them only offers best services.

You can easily buy a domain name and hosting service with Bluehost. They are best in service, you will get the service at cheap rate and you can install WordPress with 1-Click Installation. Bluehost is also an officially recommended hosting provider of WordPress.

Step 3
Set up WordPress Website

After you bought your domain name and web hosting you have to install WordPress to your Domain. There are two possible ways to install WordPress 1-Click Installation and Manual Installation. If you want to install WordPress manually please read this.

If you Choose Bluehost or any other similar hosting company you will have an option to 1-Click Installation of WordPress. Almost every well established and reliable web hosting company has integrated 1-Click Installation for bultin web scripts.

Steps you should follow :

  1. Log in to your hosting account.
  2. Go to your control panel.
  3. Look for the “WordPress” icon.
  4. Choose the domain where you want to install your website.
  5. Give all details like Site Name, Description, admin username, password and email id.
  6. Click the “Install Now” button and you should get access to your NEW WordPress website.

After installing your WordPress in your domain name go to your dashboard. For access your WordPress dashboard add /wp-admin after to your domain name. eg: (Change sitename with your domain name)

Then you should get the login screen for WordPress. Give your Username and Password that you given at the time of installing WordPress. Then Log In to your dashboard.

create a website with wordpress 01-min

Once you have logged into your dashboard and all the options gives you to start using and extending your basic WordPress installation. Everything in the dashboard is easily labelled, so you can become friendly fast. If you feel confused what to do next, just continue reading….

Select a Theme for your Website

Now your WordPress website is with the default theme and it looks very basic and clean. Everyone like to make their website unique, no one want to make their website look like everyone else. So you need a theme to install, it will tells WordPress how your WordPress website should looks.

There are thousands of awesome and professionally designed themes you can buy and you can customize it for your website. That’s all about your own decision. You can buy premium themes from ThemeForest, StudioPress, etc…

create a website with wordpress 02-min

If you are planning to use free WordPress themes go to Appearance -> Themes from the sidebar. Here you will see default WordPress theme packages. For installing new theme just click on Add New button, you can search for specific keywords and or use filters to find themes that suit your style. After you found a theme you like, you can use Preview button to see a preview of your site with that theme and after that you are going with this theme simply click on Install button. And then you can Activate this theme.

You should Consider theme that is responsive so that your site look good on any mobile and tablet devices.

Add New Pages and Contents

Now you are ready to start giving content to your Website. You have to create About or Services page firstly, so that the visitors know who you are or what your services offered.

Look along the sidebar for Pages -> Add New. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll find a screen that looks almost like Microsoft Word. Add text, images and more to build the page you want, then Publish it when you’re done. You can also add Posts like the same way.

Add Navigation Menu

Now you can link your pages to the Navigation Menu. For creating menu go to Appearance -> Menus. From there you have to create new menu. Find the pages you have created and Add to Menu.
Some theme support 2 or more menu location so you can assign the menu from Manage Location.

Change your Title and Tagline

Site Title explain searchers what your website is about, it is a big part of how search engines determine your ranking. So that you want to give a title with keywords.
Tagline are added at the end of the tittle across every page.

create a website with wordpress

To change the Title and Tagline on your website go to Setting -> General and fill in the form.

Setting up Front Page

Default WordPress front page is blog posts, you can change it to a static page. For that go to Setting -> Reading.

Change front page display from your latest posts to A static Page. Then select a page that you want to display as front page. And also give a page for your blog posts.

Setting up Sidebar

Many WordPress theme have a sidebar on the right or left side. You can add or remove the sidebar items by going to Appearance -> Widgets in the Dashboard. From there, you can use drag n’ drop to add different items to your sidebar and remove the item you don’t want.

Installing plugin

Plugins helps to add more capabilities, features and functions to your WordPress site that don’t come built-in. With plugins you can optimise your website, creating online store, social site etc…

For installing plugins go to Plugins -> Add New and search for the plugins. There are above 35000 plugins available for free and you can also buy plugins. Once you have find the plugin just click on Installand Activate.

Congratulations – Now you are almost ready to launch your Website to public

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