Add a product in your shopify store

How to add products in shopify

In this tutorial I am talking about how to add a product in your first Shopify store. Default Shopify store provide features only for sell physical products. If you want to sell digital downloads withShopify you need to download this free Digital Downloads Plugin that is developed by Shopify. Check here how to add physical Products in your Shopify Store.


1. Add a Product

To add a new product

1. From your Shopify store dashboard, click on Products » Product List to go to products page.

2. From the products page, Click on Add a Product.

Add a product in shopify 1-min

3. Add a Tittle and Description of your product.

Add a product in shopify 2-min

Title : Enter a name for your product as your customer want to see.

Description : Describe about your products in detail so that your customers decide to buy your products. To look your products page unique to search engine you should describe about your product yourself, avoid of copying a manufacturer’s exact description.

2. Add Product Images

Product images display on your store front and helps your customers see what the products look like.

Add a product in shopify 5-min

1. To upload your product image Click on Upload Image or you can Drag and Drop the images in the Image field.

2. The large image shown is your product’s main image. If you want to set another image as main image click the image and drag to the left side of the field.

3. Add Product Details

Product details include the product visibility, how the product is organized, its price, inventory details, and shipping information. Filling in the product details is an important step in creating a product.


Check the box in Visibility it makes your product is visible on your store for the customers to access. If you want to make the product private uncheck the box. From their you can also set a published date for your product.

Add a product in shopify 3-min


The Organization section lets you quickly set the attributes of your products.

Add a product in shopify 4-min

Product type : The type of product you are selling. This is helpful for use in automated collections of products, such as all of your store’s hats, shirts, shoes, etc.

Vendor : The vendor of your product, if you purchase it from another party.

Collections : Use this field to add the product directly to a manual collection. Automated collections will automatically include the product if it matches the collection conditions.

Tags : Tags are searchable keywords associated with your product. Tags can help customers find your product through your storefront search.


Add a product in shopify 6-min

Price : The price of your product. The currency your store uses is set in your General Settings page.

Compare at price : If you are putting an item on sale, enter its original price here. Your product will show a sale price

Charge taxes on this product : If you are required to charge tax on your product, check this box. Your taxes are set in your Tax Settings


Add a product in shopify 7-min

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) : Type a unique identifier that you want to use for this product. The SKU is useful for organizing fulfillment.

Barcode : Enter a barcode for the product. This is the same barcode that is used by Shopify POS in a retail store.

Inventory Policy : This drop-down menu sets whether your product’s inventory will be tracked. Inventory can be handled by Shopify or a third-party integration.


Add a product in shopify 8-min

Weight : Enter the weight of your product. This will be used to calculate any weight-based shipping rates or carrier-calculated shipping rates.

Fulfillment Service : Select the Fulfillment service you will use to fulfill this product. If you will be fulfilling this product, select Manual.

Requires shipping : Uncheck this box if you are selling a digital product or service. If you uncheck the box, the Weight field will disappear, and the item will not use your Shipping rates.


Add a product in shopify 9-min

If you have variants of the same product you can add it here. To add variants click on Add Variants.
Then give all the details about your variant.

Option Name : Give the product variant options name. eg: Color, Size, Material etc.

Option Value : Here you give the values of the variant options.

Modify the variants to be created : Check the box to avail that variant product and give other details of the variants price, SKU, barcode, inventory.

Search engine listing preview

You can edit the page title, meta description, URL under this field it makes your product page more SEO friendly.

Add a product in shopify 10-min

Page Tittle : You can give impressive custom title for your product.

Meta Description : Here you can give a custom description. It makes the search result in search engine very much impressive.

URL and Handle : You can edit the URL of the product here to look better.


After giving all the details click on Save Product. Like wise add all other products to your Shopify store.

Enjoy :-)

See This Video : How to Add a Product in Shopify

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