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create webstore in india for free

If you want to sell products online and you don’t have a website? No Problem. You can create a FREE Web Store instantly and start collecting online payments within minutes. No technical knowledge required, ZERO investment. Just signup once and sell your products right away. PayUMoney also provide Email Invoicing, web front and easy integration with other carts. You can sell books, apparels, handicrafts, artwork, merchandising, pottery, electronics clothes, toys etc…

To create webstore, first of all login to your account. If you don’t have account with PayUMoney create one, it is Free.

After you login into PayUMoney you will see your dashboard. From their go to PayUMoney Tools -> Web Stores in the left sidebar of the dashboard. After that you Click on Add Store button.

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Now you will see web store list, from there select Add Store button. Then you should give all the details.

Store Name : (Eg: “”)
Store Title : The title to display in your store.
Upload logo : Here upload the logo for your business.
Upload Image : Upload image to display on your store.
Store Description : Write description about your store.

After giving store details, click on Next Button, there you can add products details.

Product Name : Give name of the product that you wish to sell.
Product Quantity : Give the quantity of products that you are going to sell.
Amount : Give the amount of the product.
Product Description : Write a description about your product.
Add Product Options : Add product options to display to your customers Eg. Color: Red, Green, Black.
Upload Product Image : Maximum five images can be upload.

If you have more products you can Click on Add Another Product otherwise Click on Next button. Then update your Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, Cancellation Policy, Refund Policy under Create Policies.

After giving all this, Publish Your Store. You can also edit the details after you published store.

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